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How to reduce line spacing in powerpoint

Un Answered

If you might want to consider changing your line spacing in PowerPoint then follow the below step.

In PowerPoint, Line spacing is the amount of space between each line of text in a paragraph, and adjusting it can help create a more spacious and organized look for your slides.

For Example: if you are using Bullets to organize your multiple-option you will need the line specing. Sometimes you will need to increase, 

Sometimes reduce that. That's depand on your presentations looking. 

Follow the steps to do that:

Step 01: 

Create a Bullets List, You can also do that with Paragraph .

Step 02: 

Select Line Specing Option

Step 03:

Now you will get option (1.0/1.5/2/3), youu can choose any one as you want.

Step 04: 

If you want to reduce/increase more then on Line Specing option to customize your own values

Set your desired spacing values in the Before and After boxes, or adjust the line spacing directly using the At box. 

Thanks for reading that. 

If you have still a query about that please give us a reply to get an answer and a solution.



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