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Calculating Grades in MS Excel - Formula for Grade in Excel

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In MS Excel you can calculate students/employees grades using functions such as IF, Nested IF, AND, and OR

Suppose we have a data set consisting of percentage scores, and we need to calculate the grades. Then, we need to using multiple IF, Nested IF, AND, and OR to figure out easily a student’s scores and calculate their grade while applying all our conditions.

Let's check the examples:

Step 01: We need to design a sheet like, If the score is above 35, the remark should be “PASS”. If it is below 35, the remark  should display “FAIL”.

Step 02: Write the formula for that, =IF(C3>=35, "PASS", "FAIL")

This formula will return “PASS” if the value of Cell C3 is greater than 35 and if the value is less than 35 it wll return  “FAIL

Example 02: if your documents has multiple conditions you need to use  multiple if conditions like below.

Step 01: First, we have to define the criteria used to return a grade for the marks scored by the student.

Step 02: After the criteria are defined, enter the formula -> =IF(C3>700,"A",IF(C3>600,"A-",IF(C3>550,"B",IF(C3>450,"C","FAIL"))))

Here is the result you will get

Guide to Formula for Grade in Excel. Here we discussed How to use Formula for Grade Calculation in Excel with practical examples.


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