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Calculate the Average in MS Excel

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The tutorial will teach you the most effective formulas to calculate the average numbers.  There are many different ways to calculate the average of a group of numbers.

If you want to calculate  average numbers of your sheet you need to use =AVERAGE() formula. The AVERAGE formula is a popular way to retrieve the average of a set of numerical data points.

Example Face:

   AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)

If your cell (number1, number2,) or etc. are numeric values for which you want to get the average then follow the below steps.

Simply enter =AVERAGE(C3:C5) the formula to get  average.

If you are using an empty column/ Cells with zero values to write the AVERAGE formula which is "=AVERAGE(C2:C5)" then Excel will ignored and calculation will show automatically. But, empty cells are not working some time. 

So, Please try to ignore empty cells in  AVERAGE formula.

That's how you use the AVERAGE function in Excel to find  AVERAGE. 

Still If you are facing any issue please reply this post. 

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