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MS Excel RANK functions with examples

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The RANK function in Excel returns the order of a numeric value compared to other values in the same list. it tells you which value is the highest, which value the second highest, etc.

Use RANK when you want to display a rank for numeric values in a list. 

Basic Excel  formula for Rank (from highest to lowest)

Step 01: Create a  numeric list data

Step 02: Use RANK Function when you want to display a rank for numeric values in a list.


Here is 3 Syntax:

number - The number to rank.

ref - The range that contains numbers to rank against.

order - [optional] Whether to rank in ascending or descending order.

As shown in the above example, Rank numbers will display from highest to lowest for order argument. 

What is order argument?

Order argument – This is a number that specifies how the ranking will be done (ascending or descending).

  1. 0 – is used for descending order
  2. 1 – is used for ascending order
  3. If we omit the argument, it will take a default value of 0 (descending order).

that's it, if you have still any query about this topic feel free to reply this post.


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