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Blank cell count in less than 0 ms excel conditional formatting

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Conditional formatting in MS Excel highlights blank cells, because it makes no difference between blank cells and 0.  A blank cell equals a "0" value. So, when you create a conditional format for cells less than a certain number, like less than 50, Then blank cells get highlighted also. Because, empty cells equals a "0" value, for empty cells the condition is TRUE.

In that case you can set Two rules for that,  

Create a new conditional formatting rule for the target cells by clicking Conditional formatting > New Rule >

  • 1) less than 50 rule. if cell value has less then 50 the cell background color will be yellow. 
  • 2) Now set another rule, if  cell value has less then 1, the cell background color will be white as like sheet background.

Fot that, you can use also ISBLANK function. But, be aware to use  ISBLANK . 

Use the ISBLANK function in conditional formatting formula when your cell truly a empty cells, i.e. cells that contain absolutely nothing: no spaces, no tabs, no carriage returns, no empty strings, etc. 

For the below dataset, the formula is:


Or simply:


That's how to use conditional format for blank cells in MS Excel.

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