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Block duplicate entries in excel

Un Answered

To prevent duplicate values in excel i am using data validation and COUNTIF function. =COUNTIF(D30:D37,D30:D37). But, After entering that code my code is not working. still accepted the duplicate values. please take a look the below screenshot.

Here is the data validation code sample 

Let's start to solve that issue: 

Fisrt of all your formula is wrong here. simply edit the  data validation  formula :


Or Change it to =COUNTIF($E$30:$E$40,E30)=1

After change the code you will get like below

As you can see, this function counts the number of values in the range E30:E40 that are equal to the value in cell E30. Again, this value may only occur once (=1) since we don't want duplicate entries. Absolute values are required here because you want to compare the top of the list to the data that appears below it.

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