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Move a Picture in MS Word Not Working

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In my MS Word documents i insert a picture. after that i wnat to change the position by click and move. 

but when i select a picture and try move the location the picture move out in other place. How can i solve that?


Whenever you insert a graphic into a document, it is inserted in line with text by default.  you can't freely move graphic /pictures (by drag-and-drop) to any position in a Microsoft Word document.

You need to enable text wrapping on an object to move it around freely. follow the below steps.

Srep 01: Select the graphic /pictures 

Step 02: When you select the graphic /pictures , a Layout Options button appears at the top-right corner.

Step 03: Click the Layout Options button. then, select any option from With text wrapping option.

After applied With text wrapping option you can move your graphic /pictures anywhere as you want. 

You can also click the Wrap Text button on the Picture Tool -> Format - > Wrap Text

You can also use the Position menu to automatically place an object in a certain spot on the page.

Selecting one of these positions will force the text to wrap around the picture automatically.

And that's it. From now on, Word will allow you to freely move pictures on top of text in your documents.


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