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How to create a chart (graph) in MS Word

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Creating a chart bar is a great way to compare data that's separated into categories. MS Word makes it easy to create many types of graphs, including simple but attractive bar charts, using MS Word Chart tool.

A chart, also known as graph, is a graphical representation of numeric data where the data is represented by symbols such as bars, columns, lines, slices. 

To start creating charts in MS Word, go to the “Insert” tab on the ribbon menu and select “Chart.”

You can create a great lot of different graph types such as Column chart, Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Area chart, more from All Chart section.

After clicking OK, Now that you have the basic chart format in MS Excel Sheet automatically, you can just swap out the example information with your own data to display your chart.  

 If you need to edit the data again, click the chart to select it, click the Chart Design tab at the top, and then click Edit Data on the toolbar.

While the chart is selected, you'll see four icons at top-right corner of selected chart. You can use these icons to make your data look exactly as you want.  Edit your chart details.  

Finally, you may want to add some finishing touches, such as typing your chart title and adding axis titles. To create horizontal vertical title use axis titles for that. 


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