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Crop Tool shortcuts - Photoshop

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If you didn't compose an image you took correctly in-camera, you can easily use Adobe Photoshop to crop your picture. While it's easy to do basic cropping, Photoshop also gives you a selection of other options.

To perform a crop in Photoshop, you'll need to go to the left-hand toolbar. Clicking on the Crop tool; you can also press C on your keyboard.

Press "C" to select the Crop Tool.

As you're resizing the crop border, you can lock the aspect ratio by holding down your Shift key as you drag a corner handle.

Shift + drag a corner handle to lock the aspect ratio.

Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) + drag a handle to resize the border from its center.

To swap the orientation of the crop border between portrait and landscape, press the letter X.

Show or hide the cropped area

If you want to hide the area outside the crop border to get a better sense of what the cropped version will look like, press H.

How to move the crop border, not the image

To move the border, not the image, you can switch to "Classic Mode" by pressing the letter P. Then drag to move the border around inside the image. Press P again to return to the default mode.

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