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Adding "Quotes" marks in MS Word documents

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Adding quote marks is normally as simple as typing them from the keyboard. you can automatically change quotation marks into the proper left or right curling quotes (" ") whenever appropriate.

Here is two type of quotes available:

What Are Smart Quotes?

Smart quotes— is a fancy quotation marks that curl “like this” ‘and this’ instead of standing up straight "like this"

to write quotes marks from keyboard press and hold SHIFT Key and press quote button.

However, when you type single quote ‘ or double quotes ” in Word, it will automatically convert it to curly quotes like ‘ or “.  

But, as curly quotes will break the coding when you copy and use the code for real usage. You can change that to Straight Quotes.

How to Type Straight Quotes in Microsoft Word?

It is just a simple steps to change the setting the curly quotes and get back the straight quotes. lets have a look.

  • Go to “Files” menu and click on “Options”.
  • Navigate to “Proofing” section and click on “AutoCorrect options…” button.
  • Go to “AutoFormat As you Type” tab and look under the first section “Replace as you type”.

Under the Replace as you type menu, make sure the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” box is ticked.

Now,  Go to the AutoFormat tab.

Under the Replace menu, make sure the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” box is ticked.

Now when you type single or double quote, Word will show you the neutral or straight quotes. In addition, the settings will be permanent in such a way that Word will only show straight quotes in any new documents.


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