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Why is my 0 number not showing in Excel?

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The Number Zero Won’t Display When Entered into a Cell in MS Excel. 

I am working within an Excel spreadsheet which has a cell named Mobile Number . When I enter the number “0” - this number will not display. I can enter another number, e.g. 1,2,3, 10, 0.1 (any combination which contains the number zero), but the number zero “alone” will not display.

Solution For That:

Sometimes, we need to input a number with the leading zeroes for our dataset. However if the proper settings are not used, we can face difficulties in inputting the leading zeroes of the number. 

Let’s get started!

There are multiple reasons behind the problem: 

  • Default General number format is active in Microsoft Excel.
  • Number data type is active for the numbers.

This is because Excel sees the zeros as insignificant and as a result drops them. 

Add zeros in front of a number

  • Go to the Home tab click the dialog box launcher (the small arrow) in the bottom right corner of the Number group.
  • After that, select Text as the Number Format as shown below.

Finally, your leading zero not showing problem will be solved.


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