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How to Find Duplicates in Excel (Quickly and Easily)

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While working with a large Excel worksheet or consolidating several small spreadsheets into a bigger one, you may find lots of duplicate rows in it.

You can easily find and eliminate duplicates manually when the spreadsheet is small, but when it has a lot of data and is shared with many users, that’s a much bigger challenge.

How to Find Duplicates in Excel:

This example teaches you how to find duplicate values (or triplicates) and how to quickly find duplicate rows in Excel. The easiest way to detect duplicates in Excel is using the Conditional Formatting.  following steps,

Step 01: Select the data range

Step 02: Select HomeConditional FormattingHighlight Cells RulesDuplicate Values.

Step 03: Choose any of the formatting styles you want and click OK.

When you have completed this, you will find Duplicates data are highlighted with changes in the cell’s color and the text color.

Note: select Unique from the first drop-down list to highlight the unique names.


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