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COUNTIF function in Excel - count total cell values

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In my MS Excel documents i want to find a specific value like "F" available in selected cells range. 2nd, how much "F" found in selected range.

please take a look below screenshot.



01 - 

IF is one of the most popular and useful functions in Excel. Generally, you use an IF statement to test a condition and to return one value if the condition is met, and another value if the condition is not met.

You can use a range in an IF statement in Excel by using an array formula. An array formula allows you to perform calculations on a range of cells and return an array of values, which can be used as an argument in the IF statement.

Example: =IF(COUNTIF(B5:I5,"F")>0, "M",  "Not Exist")

02 - 

To counting total we will focus on the COUNTIF function, The COUNTIF function is a premade function in Excel, that is purposed for counting cells with the condition you specify.  Excel COUNTIF function is used for counting cells within a specified range that meet a certain criterion, or condition.

For example, you can write a COUNTIF formula to find out how many cells in your worksheet contain a number greater than or less than the number you specify. 

The syntax of the COUNTIF function is very simple:

COUNTIF(range, criteria) where "range" contains the cells to count, and "criteria" is a condition that must be true for a cell to be counted.

Let's see an examples!

To use COUNTIF, provide a range that contains cells you want to count, then provide the criteria needed to apply the condition. 

Now set the criteria, Example the "F" how many times  on the selected cells


Press Enter. You will get 3 in result. 

Note: In general, text values need to be enclosed in double quotes (""), and numbers do not. However, when a logical operator is included with a number, both the number and operator must be enclosed in quotes.


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