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Changing the Background in PowerPoint | Format Background

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Microsoft PowerPoint contains built-in tools that allow you to customize the backgrounds of your slides with vibrant colors, patterns, photos, and gradients. to change the background of your slide 

  • Select the slide you want to change and click the Design tab. Click Format Background.

  • You can change the background to Solid, Gradient, Picture or Texture or Pattern. To make the background a single color, choose Solid fill. Click the Color button to select a color from the palette.

  • To apply the background to all slides, click Apply to All.

Make the background an image or texture. Select Picture or texture fill to use any photo as your slide background.

Click Insert -> Then Click From a File to select the location of your custom image. Or, if you prefer, choose one of the preset textures from the list.

Then Click Ok, 

By default, the selections you make apply to the current slide. If you want them to apply to all slides in your file, at the bottom of the pane,

select Apply to All.

Reset the background from slide

When you want to undo the changes you made to a slide's background. You can do this by selecting the slide you wish to update, opening the “Format Background” panel, and clicking on the “Reset Background” button.


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