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Add pictures or attach files to an email in Outlook

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Whether you're composing a new message, replying to a message, or forwarding a message, you can attach one or several files.

It's easy to attach pictures, files, and other items to your Outlook messages. Normally attachments are inserted at the message header above the body of an email message. However, sometimes you may receive some email messages with attachments inserted in the messages’ body.

To set that, 

1 -  Select Attach File from the Insert group on the Message tab. OR In Outlook 2007, please click the File > New > Mail Message.

2 - Insert attachments with clicking the Attach File button or Outlook Items (or Attach Items) button on the Include group on the Insert tab.

3 - Select your file from one of the following locations: 


This Computer Opens a File Explorer window where you can choose a file from your computer. 

If you select a file on your local computer or group document library, a copy of the file is attached to the email.

Now, Send


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