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how to use countif for greater than 400 in excel

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COUNTIF() function is used for counting cells with unique values in a range that meet a certain criterion, or condition.  For example, you are preparing a report and want to count how many sales invoices were greater than 400. Use the COUNTIF function to count greater than 400.

COUNTIF(range, criteria)

It has two arguments where range describes the range of cell/s to count and criteria explains the condition or criterion for counting.

Check the The following example:

You have created a sheet like below. and want to count how many rows here greater than 400 

Just simple select the cell where you want to show the result and write the function =COUNTIF(C4:C9,">400") and press enter

Done! The answare will show 4, 

The range of cells have been selected as C4:C9 and the condition is “greater than 400”.

Note that the operator (i.e. “>”) and the conditional value should always be enclosed in double quotations.

Check the attached file. 


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