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Must pass 2 out of 4 subjects | Get pass or fail in result sheet?

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If you want to develop a spreadsheet in Excel that declares the students’ results depending on certain conditions. Calculating subject wise pass or fail. 

I want to create exam result sheet with the help of Excel. I want if any student fails 1 subject then his/her result will not fail but will be D great or 3rd division.  And if he/she fails in 2 subjects then student will fail.

Let’s see how to calculate subject wise pass or fail with the formula in Excel. 

To return "Fail" if any 2 subjects have a falling score, and "Passed" if not, you can use a formula based on the IF function and COUNTIF function.

In the example we will show: =IF(COUNTIF($C3:$F3,"<33")=2,"Fail","Passed")

This formula will return “FAIL” if the value of Cell C3:F3 is having 2 subjects falling score and “Passed” if the value is greater than 33.

this problem can be easily solved with a formula based on the COUNTIF function together with the IF function in a formula like this. The COUNTIF function counts cells in a range that meet a single condition, referred to as criteria. 


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