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How to stop Outlook auto-deleting emails

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Are you having a problem with Outlook automatically deleting some of your emails? This is a challenging situation, especially when emails are essential. 

By default, Outlook has an Auto Archive feature that moves old emails to an archive folder and can also delete them after a certain period of time. However, you can disable this feature and stop Outlook from auto-deleting emails by following these steps:

you need to uncheck the above-mentioned option by taking the following steps;  

  • Open Outlook and click on File. 
  • Click on Options. 
  • Next, click on Advanced. 
  • Make sure that Empty Deleted Items when Exiting Outlook is not selected. 
  • Click on Ok

Leave a copy of messages on the server

Another possible solution is to have Outlook leave a copy of your messages on the Server. This helps in the event that you have lost your messages elsewhere. 

  • Open Outlook and click on File. 
  • Go to the Account Settings.
  • In Email Accounts, click on Change. 
  • Click on the More Settings option
  • Open the Advanced tab. 
  • Make sure that Leave a copy of messages on the server is checked. 
  • Click on Ok, then on Next. 
  • Click on Close and then Finish.

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