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Change the text direction in Word - Vertical text

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In our table class one of our students asked that, how to change the text direction in the table. 

you can check the video. How to use tables in MS Word


Text boxes, table and most shapes can include text in them. The text can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and it can appear on one line or wrap to multiple lines. You can change the direction of the text.

Step-by-step instructions for rotating text using the Text Direction feature

Step 01: Create a table and click on a column that's you want to change the text direction. then right button from mouse.

Step 02: Select Text direction from bottom of side.

Step 03: You will get a popup box as named  Text direction . choose a orientation from there

Then press ok. it will change the direction instantly 

If you want to learn MS Word check the link MS Word Full Course

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