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Aligning Text in Cells on Word 2019

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When you create a table in Word 2019 and enter content into a cell, the text often doesn't align perfectly in the center of the cell. It might be off-center to the left, right, top, or bottom. Ordinarily, users can choose functions like Align center, left, or right on the Home tab in the Ribbon for standard alignment in Word.

in video Invoice Design, How to create invoice in MS Word one of member asked for that

In the latest Office version, aligning text within a table cell in Word 2019 requires a few additional steps beyond the standard centering method.

Centering Text in Word 2019 for Table Cells

If you have a document with a table, the text within the table is not centered within the cells. Follow these steps

Go to the Layout section under Table Tools as described in the image below: 

Next, select the Align Center option to center the selected text within the cell in Word.

So you've just completed centering text in Word 2019 using the method for regular text and centering text within cells in a Word table. 

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