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How to Change Page Orientation for a Single Page in Word

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Need to fit wider content in your Word document? you can easily switch to landscape orientation for a perfect layout. but i want to  landscape orientation for selected page. for example. i have 3 pages in my documents. i want to set page 1 portrait , page 2  landscape orientation . 

is that possible to do?


Yes, you can setting orientation for individual pages like below image

Changing orientation is easy for the entire document. Having both portrait and landscape in the document requires a bit more work. 

The only way to get both orientations in the same document is to insert a section break. A section break in Word allows you to apply document-level formatting, including orientation, to different sections of the document.

Word requires a section break where you want to begin new formatting. Fortunately, when applying a different orientation, Word adds the break for you if you select the content first — and that’s the simple trick that allows both orientations in the same Word document.

  • Select all the content on page two.
  • Click the Layout tab.
  • Click the Page Setup group’s dialog launcher. Don’t use the Orientation dropdown as you did before.
  • In the resulting dialog, choose Landscape.

  1. Apply to, click This point forward.

  2. and click ok

As you can see in documents, page two is now landscape but the change pushed text to the next page, creating a new page.


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